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December 2, 2011

We’ve moved our Quilts for Sale blog to our Quilts for Sale website. Look for us now here.

Be sure to visit us  to view all the updates since last posting here.  We update regularly introducing new quilters, new quilts, and special sales.

See you there!


Sold! Star Spin by Deloris Clugston

March 11, 2010

Deloris has just sold her Star Spin quilt. She hopes to add another quilt to her pages when she can.

<b>Star Spin</b> by Deloris Clugston

Star Spin by Deloris Clugston

Sold! Sheepzzz Blue Baby Quilt

March 11, 2010

This delightful baby quilt made by Nancy Hicks has just sold.
She has another in pink, just perfect for a baby girl.
Click on the photo to see the pink version and Nancy’s other quilts!

<b>Sheepzzz Blue Baby Quilt</b> by Nancy Hicks

Sheepzzz Blue Baby Quilt by Nancy Hicks

Sold! – Jungle Animals by Doreen Tansey

March 10, 2010

Doreen’s Baby or Wall quilt has just sold, but she has a wonderful variety of other quilts to choose from – wonderful Autumn, Christmas, Baby, and Child quilts in a variety of sizes. Click on the photo below to view them all!

<b>Jungle Animal</b> by Doreen Tansey

Jungle Animal by Doreen Tansey

2 New Quilts by Ann Marie Knox

March 7, 2010

Ann Marie is now offering 2 new wonderful quilts!

Maple Leaf in Tye Dye is lovely and very attractive with the fabrics she has chosen. Can’t you just picture it on your bed?

<b>Maple Leaf in Tye Dye</> by Ann Marie Knox

Maple Leaf in Tye Dye by Ann Marie Knox

Yellow Birds ‘N Blue Flowers is a reversible quilt. The back is very attractive too! Click on the photo for a view of the back side and to read the details, view other close-ups and to buy these quilts.

<b>Yellow Birds 'N Blue Flowers</b> by Ann Marie Knox

Yellow Birds 'N Blue Flowers by Ann Marie Knox

New Quilt by Carleen Roebuck – Butterflies in the Dark

March 5, 2010

Carleen has added a strikingly lovely new quilt to her web pages.
Butterflies in the Dark‘s bright, beautiful butterflies stand out dramatically against their dark background. This is a quilt to lift your spirits every time you look at it!

Click on the photo to see close-ups, read more about Butterflies in the Dark, and to purchase it for your bedroom!

<b>Butterflies in the Dark</b> by Carleen Roebuck

Butterflies in the Dark by Carleen Roebuck

Spring Sale! – Delyn Norling

March 3, 2010

Delyn has placed her lovely Celtic Dream quilt on sale. This sale will end at midnight on June 1, 2010.

Take advantage of the reduced price to purchase Celtic Dream for yourself or a loved one!

<b>Celtic Dream</b> by Delyn Norling

Celtic Dream by Delyn Norling